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Can I get a car diagnosis before payment? Can I get a car diagnosis before payment? Can I get a car diagnosis before payment?

Can I get a car diagnosis before payment?


I keenly follow your articles in the Daily Monitor. What is the downside of a Pajero second hand car? Why are they so cheap? I want to buy a Pajero short chasis. Can I get a diagnosis /assessment of cars before I pay for it? What is the rate for such a service? Daniel

Hello Daniel, thank you for following. Pajero as a vehicle has no generic problems. It is only dogged by the same challenges that affect poorly maintained used vehicles with Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI Mitsubishi) or Fuel Stratified injection petrol engines (such as VW/Audi FSi or Toyota D4). Failure of the fuel and air intake systems is usually due to lack of maintenance or use of counterfeit filters, bad fuels and engine oil.

The GDi engine fuel delivery system delivers fuel in the right amounts and pressure directly to engine cylinders and is more fuel efficient and provides instant engine power.

However, it is very sensitive to fuel and intake air quality and quantity (fuel pressure/ air volume). It is important to replace the long life fuel filter on time (at 100,000 kms) and ensure that the air filter is kept clean or replaced when you need to. Failure to replace the fuel filter on time will lead to reduced fuel pressure or outright failure of the costly secondary and primary fuel pumps.

Continuous use of a dirty air filter leads to failure of the air flow sensor (which aids engine self-adaptation) and clogging or damage of the costly air intake throttle potentiometer valve. Engine oil grade and quality is an important factor in preventing premature engine failure as well as facilitating efficient performance.

Professional diagnostic inspection and assessment of the used car you want to buy is available and highly recommended. It is an opportunity to identify a vehicle that has damaged fuel and air intake system components or any other hidden mechanical problems such as mileage reversal, major accident concealment, corrosion damage and engine or transmission mechanical damage. This service is available. cost you about Shs100,000.

Source: Daily Monitor


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