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Our departure is in good faith- Gen Muntu Our departure is in good faith- Gen Muntu Daily monitor

Our departure is in good faith- Gen Muntu Featured

Former Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, Mj. Gen (rtd) Mugisha Muntu on Thursday addressed a televised press conference on his exit from the party.

Below are excerpts of what he said;

We have parted ways peacefully. We have agreed to set up a joint team and keep an open door policy between us and FDC...

We found out that FDC had several divisions. There were suggestions that we stay in and have our agenda pushed from inside...

We hope to launch the new formation before December 25, 2018 and we are calling upon all like thinking Ugandans to join us.

We have developed an online portal www.newformation.ug specifically for the purpose of connecting with you.

We believe that new single party acting on its own can rescue our country from the dangerous path we currently tread

Uganda as it currently stands can easily plunge into anarchy... People have lost trust in the state. Our health and education sectors are in chaos. There's rising insecurity, inequality and injustice.

Credit: The Daily Monitor

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    These days, people visit video game parlors not only for gaming, but also borrowing a few leading games that they don’t possess. They may even come to your outlet to upgrade their old gaming box at a small fee. 
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    He says the console comes with a maximum of two pads but since some games require four players, then one can buy extra pads. 
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    You must have a steady power supply because without power, there won’t be any games.

    With a capital of Shs5 million Ongom says one can start a video gaming parlor. This will include a console that is PS 3, which costs approximately Shs1.3 million, 2 size 32-inch screens each at about Shs900,000. But he advises one to buy bigger screens because it gives the game herb or the parlor impression, something which attracts more clients thanks to the clarity and the size of display. The capital will also include the control pads which cost approximately Shs80,000.

    The profit from this business largely also depends on your clientele. Ongom says the good thing is that the gaming parlor has no age.
    You will find people across different age groups playing these games as a way of relaxing. That is how Ongom earns Shs50,000 a day, about Shs1.5million in a month. If you reduce expenses with other factors held constant, one can make a profit of Shs1 million.

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    Source: Daily Monitor

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    I keenly follow your articles in the Daily Monitor. What is the downside of a Pajero second hand car? Why are they so cheap? I want to buy a Pajero short chasis. Can I get a diagnosis /assessment of cars before I pay for it? What is the rate for such a service? Daniel

    Hello Daniel, thank you for following. Pajero as a vehicle has no generic problems. It is only dogged by the same challenges that affect poorly maintained used vehicles with Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI Mitsubishi) or Fuel Stratified injection petrol engines (such as VW/Audi FSi or Toyota D4). Failure of the fuel and air intake systems is usually due to lack of maintenance or use of counterfeit filters, bad fuels and engine oil.

    The GDi engine fuel delivery system delivers fuel in the right amounts and pressure directly to engine cylinders and is more fuel efficient and provides instant engine power.

    However, it is very sensitive to fuel and intake air quality and quantity (fuel pressure/ air volume). It is important to replace the long life fuel filter on time (at 100,000 kms) and ensure that the air filter is kept clean or replaced when you need to. Failure to replace the fuel filter on time will lead to reduced fuel pressure or outright failure of the costly secondary and primary fuel pumps.

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    Source: Daily Monitor


  • Total gears up for investment decision

    Oil and gas exploration company Total E & P will reach the final investment decision on the Tilenga and EACOP projects “as soon as possible”, Ms Ahlem Friga-noy, the company’s corporate affairs manager, said yesterday. 
    The decision which will lead to the construction phase for the projects, is a major benchmark that will bring it to its first oil. 
    Speaking in a phone interview, without putting a specific date, Ms Friga-noy said the first oil is expected 36 months after the final investment decision is undertaken. 
    About 230,000 barrels of oil are expected to be produced after that every day. 
    More than six years ago, Total E&P initiated operations in the Lake Albert region comprising of Buliisa and Nwoya districts (now the Tilenga project). 
    Ahead of the final investment decision, 25 metal workers have been shortlisted to undertake specialised training under the company’s welders training programme, which was launched earlier this year. 
    The welders, who form the batch of 200 students targeted for this initiative, will undergo expert training in 2G and 4G coded welding levels. 
    The training will also boost students’ knowledge and skills in order to meet anticipated demands in the oil and gas sector. 
    “The training of the welding students comes at a crucial time in the project cycle as we prepare for the Final Investment Decision. The importance therefore of these welders cannot be understated,” according to Ms Jean Yves Petit, the Total E&P integrated project representative. 
    A study conducted by oil companies and government through the World Bank indicates that opportunities during the construction phase of infrastructure needed for the oil and gas sector will pick up to a maximum of 14,000 Ugandans. 
    However, these numbers will taper and later stabilise to 3,000 people during oil production.

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