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Court issues summons against MP Nambooze Court issues summons against MP Nambooze Court issues summons against MP Nambooze

Court issues summons against MP Nambooze Featured

KAMPALA- Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament, Ms Betty Nambooze Bakireke has been summoned by Nakawa Chief Magistrate to answer incitement charges.

Grade One magistrate, Ms Jackeline Kagoya issued the summons against the MP upon the request of prosecution.

This followed Ms Nambooze’s failure to turn up in court for the mention of her case.

“Your worship this case had come up for mention. However, the accused [Ms Nambooze] is not in court and we seek criminal summons against her so that she appears in court next time,” Ms Ann Ntimba, the state prosecutor said.

She, however, said investigations into the case are still ongoing, before requesting for adjournment of the case.

Ms Nambooze’s lawyer, Mr Abudllah Kiwanuka requested Ms Kagoya to suspend the Thursday hearing for about 30 minutes because his client was delayed by the heavy traffic jam between Mukono and Nakawa on Jinja Road.

His argument, however, did not satisfy the trial magistrate who adjourned the case to   November 8.

A few minutes after the adjournment, Ms Nambooze arrived at the court in an ambulance.

Confined in a wheelchair, Ms Nambooze told journalists that it was unfair for the court to issue criminal summons against her.

“Looking at my situation, I had to first go to the hospital before proceeding to court and even if court sat at 10:00am, it did not have to issue criminal summons against me,” Ms Nambooze said.

She said even the date that has been set for her to appear before court is unfavourable because she will be away in South Africa for treatment.

Ms Nambooze was earlier this month charged with inciting the public and was released on a non-cash bail of Shs5 million while her sureties entered a non-cash bond of Shs10 millio each.

The prosecution states that Nambooze on or about June 9, 2018, by uttering and posting in the media, incited the public to attack and murder public officials.

 In June, Mr Vincent Ssekate, who speaks for the Criminal Investigations Department said a general enquiry file had been opened against Nambooze.

“We have opened files against four people. Detectives are also still analysing messages on social media of a dozen others. If we get evidence that their communications were criminal, they will also be arrested,” Mr Ssekate said.

The charges against Nambooze arise from her alleged utterances before and after the assassination of Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Col Abiriga who was murdered with his brother Saidi Buga Kongo by gunmen as he approached his home in Kawanda on Bombo Road on June 8.

It is alleged that after the removal of the presidential age limit clause from the Constitution, Ms Nambooze said MPs who championed the amendment but had been given security by the State would be “touched” (punished) by aggrieved members of the public. Abiriga was among the key personalities who supported the scrapping of the presidential age limit clause from the Constitution.

Credit: Juliet Kigongo - Daily Monitor

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