NRM Diaspora league elections set for next year NRM Diaspora league elections set for next year NRM Diaspora league elections set for next year

NRM Diaspora league elections set for next year Featured

KAMPALA- After more than 12 years in limbo, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Diaspora League is set to hold elections, a move organisers says will help to mobilise party members abroad.

Because of what he termed as bad leadership, the Interim Secretary General of NRM Diaspora league Mr Godius Yesigye says the body has struggled to be recognised by the party leadership

“The office of the Diaspora at the secretariat contains nothing like any record of our members from the chapter other than a pretend list to avail in case of any queries. This alone is a disservice to our mother NRM as a party and our country,” Mr Yesigye said while addressing journalists in Kampala on Monday.

Within two months, Mr Yesigye says, the group will issue a road map for the polls that have been tentatively set for February next year.

“The road map will spell out where and how the elections would be conducted either it will be conducted here like all other leagues do. The elections will be transparent, free and fair to allow every member to participate and compete,” he said.

He added that the league’s leadership during the 2016 presidential elections had quit leaving many unanswered questions.

“That is why we have decided to nominate true members with the party at heart and formed a broad- based team to govern the interim NRM diaspora league with the aim of streamlining if for better leadership and performance,” Mr Yesigye said.

The posts of chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary general and chief whip among others, will be filled in the elections.

“NRM Diaspora believes in free and fair elections and the forthcoming elections are looking out for strong people who listen to others and have a focused vision,” he said.

Meanwhile, the interim leadership has been tasked to create systems to help register all their old and new members in Diaspora chapters as they wait for the tentative election road map.

The interim Chief whip, Mr Robert Kagame said in order to identify who their members are, they have come up with identification which is given to all interested league members.

“The identification contains information about the member and it’s encoded within the data base. It also has a unique number to weed out unscrupulous people,” Mr Kagame said.

If successful, Mr Kagame said, they will be able to engage in mainstream party activities such as and other processes.

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